Youth Award Winner 2017

Posted: June 15, 2017

Every year, in the spirit of Growthn, we find an exceptional performer who delivers over and above their duties, towards true greatness – through excellence in their work, as well as the daily living out of our values. Meet this year’s well-deserved winner, Ben Shapiro.

"Growth rarely happens in a continuous, linear way. On the contrary, it is sudden, rapid and transformational. It has been both edifying and an absolute pleasure to witness the growth spurt of Ben over the last few years. The metamorphosis of Ben – from an eager, creative but somewhat diffident strategist into a voice that truly commands respect with both creative and clients and who is truly inspirational. Although I would like to believe that Joe as an environment helped Ben to blossom, he deserves full credit for his own growth. Ben has single-handedly earned the trust of one of our most important clients, who expressly requested for Ben to be dedicated to his business. Ben has also played a critical role in inspiring creativity and improving the standard of work on Jet. A great attitude combined with a creative mindset is what sets an inspirational model for what growth should be, and can be."

- Group Chief Strategic Officer, Laurent Marty.