Yawn and Douwe Egberts coffee is yours

Posted: July 18, 2013

Imagine a world where all you had to do to receive a free cup of delicious, steaming hot  Douwe  Egberts coffee was to yawn. That's right. Just yawn, and your exceptional caffeine fix appears right in front of your eyes.

Douwe 01

Yes, it's a Douwe Egberts coffee machine... but there's a significant difference! There's no coin slot, all one has to do is simply yawn.

Communications group Joe Public has made this possible for exhausted airport travellers at the OR Tambo International Airport to get their coffee in a unique and entertaining way. Having first executed the activation concept on a smaller-scale, the resounding success saw the activation take off in a bigger and bolder space.

Douwe 02

"Our rationale behind this exciting activation idea for Douwe Egberts is simple, yet highly effective," says Joe Public's Chief Creative Officer Pepe Marais. "Local and international travellers are often tired and jetlagged. So why not offer them a free cup of great coffee at the airport? The only way to activate the vending machine is to yawn. Specifically developed facial recognition software detects the exact moment of the yawn and dispenses a hot cup of coffee," explains Marais.

He says that when consumers try Douwe Egberts, they usually make it their coffee brand of choice.

Douwe 03

"We wanted consumers not only to experience Douwe Egberts coffee, but also ensure that the brand makes a lasting impression on its upper LSM consumer target audience," he says.

Incolabs' Marketing Director, Norel Landman adds: "We are really excited about this campaign activation as it is breaking all the boundaries when it comes to consumer engagement."

"Our consumers are certainly going to interact with our brand, but more than that, they will never forget it," concurs Incolabs' Group Brand Manager, Byron Bekker.

For more information, visit Douwe Egberts' Facebook page and watch it on YouTube 

Douwe 04


Art director: Freda Raubenheimer.
Copywriter: Jeanine Vermaak.
Agency producer: Debbie Miller.
Producers: London Models.
Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais.
Software developer: Neil Hoy.
Client Service: Nina Kohler
Media Strategist: Jodi Calvert