William Shatner & Dial Direct boldly go where no other insurance company's gone before

Posted: July 24, 2012

There's a new Dial Direct ad campaign in town that's currently shifting the positioning of the insurance brand from Yada Yada towards that of a one-touch solution that is 'simple smart'.

Brand leader Lynn Miller says this is based on the fact that Dial Direct offers insurance solutions that are simple to understand and use but smart in terms of innovation. "The idea behind our offering is to cut through the clutter, offering the consumer a simple, one-touch insurance experience."

Advertising agency Joe Public has therefore created a full 360-degree campaign where Dial Direct's offer is presented to consumers in a clear, concise manner. The core team who worked on the campaign were: Creative Director Xolisa Dyeshana, Copy writer: Claudette Browne Storrar Art Director: Simon Keeling, Account Director: Samantha Samuels and the Director of the ad Dean Blumberg from Bouffant.

Dyeshana says; "One of the most exciting aspects of the campaign concerns the use of television icon William Shatner. We needed to tell our 'story' using a brand personality that could take on the giants and add a little Dial Direct wit to a traditionally 'serious' arena.

"The campaign therefore uses the personality, charisma and chutzpah of well-known television icon William Shatner to add excitement and visibility to its market presence. Dial Direct is after all a maverick in its category that does and says things differently and it needed a brand spokesperson that reflected these same characteristics."

Miller adds that an interesting and future-focused aspect of the campaign is that a smart phone has been seamlessly integrated into the commercials, building on the concept of one touch, which strengthens the simple smart idea.

"This means that Dial Direct will be the first insurance company to own the smart phone as an insurance platform. It illustrates the fact that our products are so simple and smart to use that you can sort out all of your insurance needs at the touch of a button," she explains.