When Growth Feeds Growth

Posted: September 21, 2015

We like sharing great stories about our people and their growth, so this happy 'Joepisode' will tell you a little bit more about the internal growth of some of our people at Joe Public.

Meet our Language Practitioner, Roeleen Cuyler, aka 'Die Taalkoning’. Die 'Taalkoning' has been involved in the advertising industry for a fair while, mostly as a translator, copywriter and proofreader, but more recently has grown into the position of language practitioner.

With grammar and language as her heartfelt passion, Roeleen has taken it upon herself to initiate a tutorial and mentorship programme designed to improve the language skills, both written and spoken, for all Joe Public colleagues who strive for excellence in communication skills, but who are often not positioned to do so due to a South African schooling system that does not put focus on English as a first language.

In these sessions Roeleen works with colleagues on a one-on-one basis, providing reading and vocab sessions. Having selected a book or article to read from, Roeleen provides general guidance on pronunciation, pitch, tone, pace and rhythm, even recording her colleagues in StudiJoe, Joe Public's in-house radio studio, so that individuals can hear for themselves and track their progress.

A dynamic person who has seen the potential to reach even further beyond her role as language practitioner, Roeleen, together with fellow colleague Denise Scott, one of Joe Public's DTP Operators, has started a simple upliftment initiative. You might have driven past it on the corner of Bryanston & Main Road. If not, look out for a young chap by the name of Fani Ketso selling a selection of vegetable seeds for R5. Not just a clever alternative to begging, but Roeleen and Denise are encouraging the start of a small business by providing business cards in the packets so people are able to contact him for more work.

It comes as no surprise then that Roeleen has a passion for books, enters her third initiative – Joe Public's first communal 'swop' library. A place for readers to bring their favourite books from home to swop them out for other interesting reads. A real little librarian, or really a creative at heart, Roeleen advertises each new addition on her office window.

"Die eintlike Koning - Joe Public- not only created the environment for teaching and learning, but also encourage Growth on all levels and for that I'm extremely grateful," adds Roeleen.

And what encourages her to work and create beyond the scope of her knowledge? Roeleen believes that as humans we have a duty to support and help others, a responsibility to our 'spiritual kitty'. A kitty we need to top up or take from ad infinitum. It is by sharing our knowledge with each other that we truly learn and grow. With that in mind, Roeleen has gone on to also teach basic stress-relief meditation sessions at the beginning and end of the day.

"Roeleen is one of the gentlest people I know in the agency. She is always willing to actively listen and grow people beyond their measure. I am excited that we can share her story, she is a true Joepublican," says Tarryn Pitchers, Marketing Manager, Joe Public.

A few thoughts from others who have benefited and grown from Roeleen's mentorship sessions:

Jnr. Account Manager
Anelisa Molose

"Roeleen has helped refresh my knowledge of the English language in a fun and meaningful way."

Account Executive
Itumeleng Mokae

"Roeleen's grammar sessions have helped me to help my little brother with his homework - I take what I learn and pass it on to others. I am also more confident in my emails to clients."