Way Better Clover campaign wins a Gold Apex

Posted: June 13, 2013

Last night, Clover Industries Limited in partnership with communications group Joe Public was acknowledged with a Gold Apex Award for excellence in effective advertising within the Change Category.

Clover, as a household name brand has experienced steady market share over the years, however, Joe Public's challenge was to increase market share in a hostile market. "Gaining market share as a premium milk brand is no easy task in a market where competitors drive aggressive price strategies and consumers have become more price sensitive," says the Group's Chief Creative Officer Pepe Marais.

2013 06 14 01

Faced with the above-mentioned business challenge Clover and Joe Public identified a need to reposition the brand with a stronger value proposition; create critical mass for fresh milk by developing a dairy campaign that would consolidate all dairy spend and to use communication to de-commoditise the brand.

From the key opportunities identified, Joe Public and Clover developed a comprehensive solution that included the creation of a new brand strategy focused around corporate identity and packaging, communications and channel positioning.

Maciek Michalski from Shift Joe Public, the Group's brand and design specialist agency, goes on to explain the design motivation: "From a brand perspective the new positioning 'Clover Way Better' was developed in order to form the basis from which a stronger value proposition was communicated. In support of the new positioning a new CI was developed to turn the Clover logo into a new fresh quality mark. The packaging was also redesigned to incorporate the new CI and increase consumers' perception around the quality of brand they were buying into."

2013 06 14 02

The 360° integrated campaign approach yielded phenomenal results. For the first time in over ten years Clover managed to grow the fresh milk market share from 27,2% in 2010 to 31,4% in 2012.

In addition, the media strategy, buying and planning team at Joe Public consolidated all dairy media spend to support the one campaign, resulting in an integrated high-reach, high-impact campaign.

From a creative and media perspective a Millward Brown AdTrack study revealed extra-ordinary results in terms of prompted awareness, ad liking, correct recall and message take out, where the Clover Way Better brand creative performed significantly above the dairy category norms. The campaign has also received a number of prestigious international and national awards for the high calibre of work produced.

2013 06 14 03

Sherian King, Senior Brand Manager on Clover Milk states; "The Way Better campaign has had a significant impact on our market share gain and has provided us with a platform that ensures that each piece of communication contributes towards growing our business."