The Power Of One Idea

Posted: September 22, 2017

SAB believes that by empowering South Africans, they will in turn empower thousands more.

In fact, their entrepreneurship goal is to create 10 000 jobs by 2022. As Ricardo Tadeu, Zone President for AB InBev Africa and SAB says, “As one of the country’s leading corporates with a deep sense of pride, and a belief in the future of our country, we have … a duty to improve the lives of people in communities.”

To this end, they have a number of entrepreneurship programmes which mentor, fund and support hundreds of entrepreneurs with great ideas. These programmes are now being grouped together from a brand point of view, to be known as the SAB Entrepreneurship Programme.

Joe Public United decided to take its cue for their latest campaign, The Power of One Idea, from the entrepreneur behind the history and success of SAB himself, Charles Glass. Nearly a 120 years ago, attracted by the booming mining industry at the time, Glass took the chance to trade his golden brew on the dusty streets of the City of Gold.

Using the metaphor of the light bulb as an idea, and directed by Kevin Fitzgerald from 0307, the commercial tells the history of SAB as the story of one idea being brought to life. Supported by Joe Public (ATL) and Connect Joe Public (Digital), the campaign will roll out on traditional channels OOH, radio and will be supported and amplified with a strong digital campaign.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is at the heart of SA and there is a deep respect for the power of great ideas, which is why SAB supports the people who have them 100%.