The Nine Lives Cupboard

Posted: October 25, 2016

The Nine Lives Cupboard is an Instagram store run by two fashion obsessed creatives, Creative Group Head, Natalie Walker and co-creator Annette de Klerk.

The virtual shop sells pre-loved, rarely worn, vintage clothing, shoes and accessories.

The Nine Lives Cupboard exists to not only lessen the excess we find ourselves living with, but to allow clothing to enjoy new life from one wearer to the next.

The idea was born out of both Natalie and Annette’s shared addiction to fashion. “We had an excess of clothing that we hardly wore and, although we regularly gave to charity, we were left with amazing pieces that deserved a home in other fashionistas’ cupboards. Seeing photos our followers/buyers send us from all over the country of how they've given these pieces their next lives, is the best,” says Natalie.

With a following of over 1875 followers, the Nine Lives Cupboard is connecting all sorts of fashion lovers through an appreciation of timeless individuality.