The future of entertainment is launching, now.

Posted: November 3, 2017

Joe Public United is excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary entertainment offering, named black.

Having won this unique piece of business earlier on this year, the agency has been keeping this well-kept secret under wraps for the past few months.

What is black? black is an entertainment platform, and a South African first, that allows you to rent, buy or subscribe to movies and series (even the latest movies and brand-new, still-to-be-released international series). You will also have access to music videos, football club channels, gaming and much more on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV from only R5 for one day.

black is being brought to consumers as a new separate division within Cell C which is focused on delivering entertainment and content. However, it is network agnostic; meaning it will be available to any consumer with an internet connection.

black truly is the future of entertainment and to communicate this Joe Public United launched a full 360-degree campaign dramatizing the premise that ‘If you don’t have black, you’re living in the past’, because black is ‘The future of entertainment. Now.’.

The concept of black as a brand arose from wanting to position this new product as the best, most innovative entertainment offering on the market. The intention was to create a disruptive, iconic, intriguing and sexy brand that still offers consumers absolute accessibility and quality. From the start, we knew this brand would require a highly distinctive identity on which to build strong memory structures.

The name black is bold, expressive, it is mysterious and intriguing. And, like deep space, the colour black is seemingly endless in its depth. And like its name sake, black the entertainment platform – once you access it – is also endless, full of mysteries, adventures and discoveries waiting for you to explore.

A series of humorous TV commercials were produced and shot by Velocity Films and crafted by director Adrian De Sa Garces. The television spots take consumers back in time to bring black’s future of entertainment concept to the fore. Epitomising that you may well be living in the Stone Age when everyone else is in the digitally connected entertainment world of black.

Starting with a brand positioning and integrated channel strategy, the Joe Public United group has built this brand and all its facets from the ground up. From corporate identity, developed by Shift Joe Public, to the brand campaign across all mass media platforms, to breakthrough digital solutions by Connect Joe Public, unconventional PR tactics by the group’s PR agency, Engage Joe Public, and all media planning and buying, the campaign demonstrated the depth of Joe Public United’s integrated offering to their clients.

“The alignment of the group’s approach to strategy and excellent creative output, expresses the true partnership potential we have with Joe Public United. We are excited to be joining forces with the dynamic group and we believe they are best suited to complement our business,” says Surie Ramasary, black, Chief Executive: Content.