South Africa walks away with a 2015 Cannes Lions Promo & Activation win!

Posted: June 24, 2015

Joe Public took home a Bronze Promo & Activation Lion for its 'Vote SA' Cinemark experience app...

This was the only South African agency to feature on awards night with 117 awards handed out for the 'Promo & Activation' category in total, from a total of 3,196 entries in Promo & Activation this year, compared to 2014's 3 South African awards out of 94 presented.

The Grand Prix was claimed by Grey London for Volvo UK, "Lifepaint" which, said Jury President Matt Eastwood, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of J. Walter Thompson, had not only raised the bar creatively, but also made a positive contribution to humanity. "It reinforces a life-long commitment to a strategy of safety and then elegantly turns that to a guiding purpose not just for the cars, but for all of society. It's a simple, easy to apply solution that will genuinely save lives."

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