See Money From a Bird's-Eye View With Nedbank’s CIB

Posted: August 30, 2017

Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) believes in impactful solutions that can change the world for the better.

Their projects range from renewable energy solutions to infrastructure, agriculture and telecommunications. To show the scope and breadth of their operation and the impact it has on their clients, Joe Public created a film that not only showcases the scale of Nedbank’s projects but also brings to life CIB’s philosophy of seeing money differently.

This piece, directed by Kim Geldenhuys of 0307 Films, is shot completely from above. This top-down angle offers viewers the opportunity to see the world from a completely different perspective, one rarely seen before. The film was created using a combination of helicopters, cranes and drones and shot in 5 different cities and 2 countries over 9 days.

You can watch the TV commercial here: