SAB - Beer Finder #ConnectJoePublic

Posted: June 23, 2017

South African’s love beer. But would they be willing to go the extra mile at the drop of a bottle cap?


The task was to give our social media followers a way to express their prominent patriotism for SAB. For this campaign, we wanted to introduce our audience to a brand new mechanic that used live video to reward them for their continued interaction and support.


We knew that South Africans love our beer. But saying love and showing it are two different things.
We wanted to find out exactly, how far would people go for their beloved beer?


We created a digital treasure hunt that took our audience from behind their computers or smartphones, to the far reaches of the country (JHB, with the Cape Town edition coming soon), in an innovative online search for a single SAB beer. But finding it would be no simple task.


We set up shop at 3 prominent bars around JHB and live streamed a single beer in our SAB Beer Finder ice bucket. Our audience had to tune in to either Facebook Live or Periscope, decipher the clues that we had strategically placed in the background, figure out our location and come find us. The first person to successfully locate us, won a year’s supply of their favourite SAB beer.


At every location, we were found within 30 minutes.
With a holistic budget of just R50 000, we received some incredible numbers.
(specifically, because you cannot put media behind Facebook Live or Periscope)
In total, we reached 74 806 Facebook fans, received 5 845 likes and 2945 post clicks.
On Twitter, we had 25 863 impressions and had a total of 1 330 engagements.
We also generated R500 000 worth of PR!


There was a beer frenzy in the streets of JHB! Beer lovers took to the streets at the drop of a bottle cap. Scouring bars in search for us. At every location, we had more beer lovers sprint through the door moments after our winner. We greeted them with a cold one and encouraged them to try find our next location.

The client loved the campaign so much, we are currently planning for Beer Finder Cape Town and then, hopefully, the nation-wide edition.