Joe Public Proudly Maintains A BBBEE Level One Status

Posted: September 18, 2017

In 2016 Joe Public first achieved a BBBEE Level One on the gazetted and approved Marketing, Advertising and Communications (MAC) Charter which was written into law on 6 May 2016. Today, we proudly continue to maintain our status.

The charter propagates true reformation, integration, opportunity and transformation across the industry. Transformation that is not just token, but that spearheads change across departments and results in products, services and communication that is representative.

Being able to reach a Level One reinforces our position as a brand communications agency to fulfil our purpose by meaningfully growing our clients, people and country. Thus, we are immensely proud of this milestone. But more importantly, we believe that an integrated and truly representative agency offers our clients both meaningful insights and rich creative work that connects with and inspires a diverse South African audience.

This is not only pertinent to us as an agency but it also speaks volumes about the transformation that needs to continue within the industry and within the country. Joe Public are firm supporters of making this happen and genuinely embody the spirit of transformation.

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Front cover designed by Sonia Dearling, Shift Joe Public