Our Very Own Joegi

Posted: October 25, 2016

Coralie Branco started practicing yoga in 2015 and fell in love.

The ache her body felt after every class, as well as the complete feeling of rejuvenation it left her with, meant Coralie was hooked, “I literally watched my body and mind transform and become more balanced.”

As she wanted to practice and learn more, Coralie completed her Yoga Alliance Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course (RYS 200 hours) through Living Yoga in 2015.

“Getting onto my mat brings me back into check, helps me reflect and become a more conscious being. It has helped me discover who I really am and what my limits are. Teaching and practicing are incredibly humbling and I love every moment of it. I hope to pass on my knowledge and experiences to as many willing students as possible,” said Coralie.

Joe Publicans get to share in Coralie’s passion as she stretches and tones the agency’s creative minds with a weekly class on the Joe rooftop.