Ostriching Through Life

Posted: April 11, 2017

Of all the challenging issues in life that we face, insurance is one of the more important to navigate with wisdom.

In a crazy-paced world, where anything can happen, insurance offers some much-needed assurance that we’ve done something proactive in case of an unexpected turn for the worse.

Joe Public United in partnership with Old Mutual iWYZE and its new offering, iWYZE Life Insurance, has launched its first advertising campaign titled Ostriching Through Life. The TV commercial which airs 17th March 2017, depicts a couple avoiding some of life’s awkward moments. The advert is a extension of the iWYZE campaign that kicked off in November 2016, with the strategic messaging revolving around the concept of different human reactions. How do you react when faced with a difficult circumstance? Do you tend to be a fiery dragon (depicted for car insurance), or are you more of a headless chicken (depicted for household insurance)? This is based on the premise that we all react differently in challenging, awkward and even embarrassing situations. Joe Public United embraced the language and tone from the previous adverts, rooting the humour in the real world with the juxtaposition of an unexpected creature. The metaphor this time – an ostrich.

This campaign will be supported by various online executions and social media, in addition to the TVC. So, whether you turn into a dragon, a headless chicken or an ostrich when disaster strikes, a customer has the ability to take control with the support of iWYZE.

The humour in this ad plays out in a quite awkward way: The story takes us through a journey of relatable embarrassing life moments. The viewer is lulled into a predictable rhythm where they see the couple ‘ostriching’ their way through life’s difficult questions, saving the most uncomfortable question until the end, when finally the question arises: What will happen to the children when their mother/father dies? Just when you think the Mom will try ‘ostrich’ her way out of yet another awkward situation, we find she is unfazed, she remains calm and in control. It is a poignant, emotional moment and it anchors the brand promise - iWYZE takes control of the one thing you simply can’t avoid, while showing that ultimately ignoring uncomfortable situations in an effort to hide away from the truth isn’t necessary if you’ve made a good decision.

“Unpacking these consumer insights is critical to developing something that is relatable for the audience, and that speaks a human truth. We can all lose ourselves in a panic and a stressful situation,” says Laurent Marty, Group Chief Strategic Officer, Joe Public United. In conclusion the campaign aims to increase top-of-mind awareness in the market in a way that is relatable to South Africans across the board.