Mentoring Young Minds

Posted: June 13, 2017

Today more than ever, our young people need role models to inspire and lead them. So, to create awareness around the consequences and dangers of underage drinking, we co-created an SAB-led movement to connect young people with the right kind of mentors.

While SAB is focused on reaching sales targets, the company shares a desire to affect societal change and address the issue of underage drinking.

In an attempt to communicate with those who are pressured into underage drinking and are affected by it, SAB created the 18+ Be The Mentor platform, which sought to inspire a movement with mentors across the country pledging to accept responsibility for helping a young person understand that their choices have consequences.

Instead of speaking to the youth directly and giving them the usual, “don’t drink before the age of 18” speech, we opted for a more impactful route. The campaign encourages adults to mentor the youth by setting a positive example. Community members are urged to look at some of the bad choices that they may have made when they didn’t know any better and to help their mentees avoid making the same ones.

The movement was launched through an online pledge, where prospective mentors could take a stand against underage drinking. By taking the pledge, mentors are signing up to help their mentee make the right decisions, set goals and achieve what they set out to do. In order to help mentors make the most of their time with the mentees, we created social platforms for our audience which work as a community channel and show street mentors playing their role.

With an online community of over 90 000 people, the Be The Mentor movement has caught the attention of many South Africans as it inspires change and upliftment to those who need it the most: the youth.

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To be a part of the change, sign up to be a mentor by clicking here and make a difference in a young person’s life today.