Know Your Strength

Posted: June 6, 2017

Johannesburg: ZAZI, a non-profit organisation for the advocacy of equality and women’s rights, has launched the ZAZI babushka doll campaign in collaboration with Joe Public United.

The purpose of this campaign is to speak to women from all walks of life on the importance of having their respective voices heard and recognised in society.

The narrative of the ZAZI babushka doll campaign is one that inspires and encourages women to find their own place of strength. Women have the strength to change their own story and to reclaim their power in a society that tries to take it from them.

ZAZI is the Nguni word for ‘Know Yourself’ and this campaign is an extension of what we stand for as a brand. A movement in support of women and their strength is important in shaping a better society,” said Bronwyn Pearce, CEO, Centre for Communication Impact.

The set of five babushka dolls will undergo a journey, passed from one female influencer to the next to ensure they reach as many women as possible. The use of these dolls is to show how a woman’s strength evolves through each stage of her life. Each doll has a specially handcrafted message to drive and follow the conversation on social media with #KnowYourStrength.

“This campaign has been conceptualised to help women from all walks of life tell their stories without being subjected to prejudice or discrimination. Women are the heart of our communities and it’s time to recognise their strength through a great creative concept, says Pepe Marais, Group Chief Creative Officer, Joe Public United.

With one small voice, and by unpacking one woman’s life story, these dolls hope to ignite a national conversation about restoring women to a place of power.