Know your Joe: Meet Matthew Quarta

Posted: September 18, 2017

Connect Joe Public is constantly growing and we are really excited to introduce Matthew Quarta who recently joined the digital team.

Matthew Quarta – Content Strategist

Favourite food as a child? Favourite food now? Why?
Pasta and more pasta, because it is all you need as a growing boy (well I had no option growing up in an Italian household really – it’s expected).

Your favourite emoji and why?
(tortoise) Because he just looks so friendly! And I have a tortoise as a pet... His name is Tortie.

Who is your favourite musician or band? Why? Tough question... Linkin Park or the Gorillaz. Linkin Park is timeless, I jammed to them when I was 14 and I can still get lost in their music at my desk. The Gorillaz because they are groovy.

What is your vice to get you through a day?
Sugar, that Rascals machine is not good for my teeth.

Favourite TV programmes? Sports? Dramas? Comedies? Reality?
To be honest I actually don't own a TV. I know WTF. I think I am just way too ADHD to watch TV and stuff, you can always find me doing something or another. I like movies though, horror ones specifically, but usually just watch that at other people’s houses.

What makes you and Connect Joe Public a dream match?
The hunger for progression and to not follow the usual growth trajectory but rather set your own standard. Everyone here is pretty friendly and "not a d*ck", which makes for a much better working environment. People smile a lot.

What is your approach to problem-solving?
Systematic with an element of crazy. I believe in a very logical approach to problems. If you do A, B, & C, you get D, but everyone else can do that exact equation and come to a similar solution. So, it is in the element of crazy, far-out, left-wing thinking where the magic happens.

What do you want to learn in the next 12 months related to our industry?
In digital we have this thing called attribution modelling. It is where we link ad spend to a sale, it requires a lot of small moving parts to work together but if they can (and I believe they can) you can sell a product and not just an idea in the way that if you spend X on digital you will get X amount of sales. Just need to find the right client to use it on first.

The coolest project you’ve ever worked on?
A project for the Visa product team where we created persona for 3 African markets. They commissioned research in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa so I got to lead a research team from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint in all 3 countries. The insights that we got were something next to AMAZING!

What are the biggest challenges the South Africa digital industry is facing in comparison to the rest of the world? How do we overcome these challenges?
Think of when you learnt to swim, you started in the shallow end, you were assisted and learnt and as you got better, you progressed to deeper waters and felt more confident as a swimmer. Now that is how digital was introduced to First World countries, they progressed through the stages to become more digitally native. In South Africa we did not get that introduction (well some of us did but it happened in seconds), we were thrown in at the deep end (here is a phone, here is Facebook, figure it out).

Time heals all wounds they say, and such will be the case with this. As the new generation (yes, the millennials) are becoming a bigger part of the economy, this crutch or swimming disorder will be corrected as we will finally learn to swim.

Oh yes, and the cost of data (but everyone knows that).