Junior ExecJoe

Posted: June 13, 2016

The Junior ExecJoe team comprises eight Joe Publicans from across the Joe Public United group of agencies and is a Joe Public growth initiative whose purpose is to truly drive collective consciousness.

The committee was introduced to the agency in January 2016 and has been put into place to drive awareness and communication from the most junior position in the agency to the most senior. The committee hopes to inform and live out the agency’s values from creativity, excellence and integrity to respect and leadership.

“The Junior ExecJoe is about creating a place that the people of Joe Public have personally cultivated. Ultimately we exist because we want Joe Public to be a place where people love to go to work,” said Sonia Dearling, Chairperson of Junior ExecJoe and Designer at Shift Joe Public.

Serving as a platform for Joe Publicans to voice opinions, share ideas and to see these ideas happen, the Junior ExecJoe team supports and encourages Joe Publicans to take ownership of their own work culture supporting proactive initiatives like Joe Reel (documentary evenings); Joe Markets; blood drives and Joe Library.

From realising the agency value of respect for example, by introducing a creative ‘New Joe’ introduction process to sending Old Joes off with a special farewell, Junior ExecJoe is a platform that aims to inspire all people at Joe Public to truly take shape and create for themselves the kind of agency that will exponentially grow greatness.