Joe Public Drives The Growth Of Our Country

Posted: August 24, 2016

Joe Public are proud to achieve a Level One on the recently gazetted and approved Marketing, Advertising and Communications (MAC) Charter written into law on 6 May 2016.

The charter propagates true reformation, integration, opportunity and transformation across the industry. Transformation that is not just token, but that spearheads change across departments and results in products, services and communication that is representative.

“This level of certification would not have been possible without the commitment, dedication and support of all our stakeholders. This true, authentic level of transformation requires investment in staff, training, strategic resourcing, transformation of the board, contribution to social causes as well as the upliftment of black enterprise and their conscientious development,” says Dave McCullough, Commercial Director, Joe Public United. “Having reached this level positions the agency to fulfill its purpose and meaningfully grow our clients, people and country. We are immensely proud of this milestone.”

This accreditation directly strengthens Joe Public’s clients’ BEE certification, with every R100 spent at Level One earning clients R135 in BEE recognition. But of course, and more importantly, an integrated, truly representative agency offers clients meaningful insights and richly creative work that connects with and inspires a South African audience.

“Reaching level one on the MAC Charter is a testament to how we see growth. We have not just run training internships at Joe Public, we’ve also looked at ways to upskill and develop our existing people. We recently took on 12 internships, and of those we appointed ten interns who are all doing well and progressing on a set career path. For us, the MAC Charter is not just about meeting a quota, we’ve ensured that we have the right balance of people in the right positions, creating true equity across Joe Public, and in so doing we’ve opened the opportunity to all, for real exponential growth,” adds Lebo Masilela, HR Director, Joe Public United.

This achievement is not only pertinent for Joe Public as an agency but it also speaks volumes for the transformation that needs to continue within the industry. Joe Public are firm supporters of making this happen.