Joe Public opens in Namibia

Posted: September 6, 2013

Cornerstone Joe Public, a newly formed joint venture owned by Margareth Gustavo and Joe Public South Africa, will see the communications group formally extend its services into Africa for the first time.

Managing Director Margareth Gustavo has built up extensive experience in marketing, brand strategy and communications over the last 12 years in Namibia and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (University of Namibia), a Master’s in Business Leadership (University of South Africa) and has completed her pre-Ph.D through the University of Pretoria. Gustavo has also served on three boards since her professional career started. She was Vice Chairperson on the Team Namibia Board as well as Director of the Physically Active Youth (PAY) and Director for the Pambili Association.

“Through the power of branding and communication, Cornerstone Joe Public sees itself as a company that can positively impact the social, economic and psychological landscape of Namibia,” she says.

With the addition of Joe Public South Africa’s resources, namely Joe Public (Above-the-line), Ignite Joe Public (Below-the-line), Shift Joe Public (Brand Design) and the new PR division as well as sister agency Joe Publicⁿ in Cape Town, Cornerstone Joe Public presents a formidable force to the Namibian market.

Since its launch a few months ago, Cornerstone Joe Public has signed up four clients and it looks forward to growing with its clients, expanding talent within and building a team of highly competent individuals in the field of branding, marketing and communications. In addition it plans to create an environment in Namibia where brands and brand strategy are not only appreciated, but are also fully leveraged to grow businesses in Namibia.

“We are very excited to be partnering with such a high calibre leader in Namibia. We have worked with Margareth for a couple of years on various projects and know her well. She shares our vision and values and we believe we have the perfect partner. The launch of Cornerstone Joe Public is an important first step in our African expansion plan designed to provide the essential services needed to deliver on our client’s African growth ambitions,” says Joe Public CEO, Gareth Leck.

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