Jet’s New Brand Ad Shows That Their Clothes Speak For Themselves

Posted: December 8, 2017

Jet is a fashion retailer that is about so much more than just selling clothes, they understand that clothes are the modern-day armour that we all wear and that clothing tells stories and connects us to people and time.

Clothes hold deep meaning and they bridge gaps in our memories.

In Jet’s latest brand TV commercial, brand and communications agency Joe Public (above-the-line) crafted a concept that shows how the clothes take centre stage as they “speak” to create a romantic tale about two strangers who notice each other on their daily bus commute but are too shy to start a conversation.

The concept explores how clothes have a funny way of connecting the characters, even though they are both too afraid to fully connect and it reminds us all that the seemingly simple choice of what to wear in the morning can change a normal day into an extraordinary moment in time.

“We wanted to create an advert that aims to truly connect with our customers. The aim of the advert is to reignite passion for the Jet brand’s quality fashion and drive a re-evaluation of what Jet stands for. Through a beautiful story, we wanted to remind customers of the power of beautiful, affordable fashion,” says Customer General Manager Jerry Anthonyrajah for Jet.

The music craft used for the commercial is a local cover of Cyndi Lauper's True Colours. As we hear the lyrics telling the story of a deepening relationship and a revealing of one’s true colours, it is ironic that Jet too is looking to reveal its true colours with authenticity as they remind the world that they truly care about their customers and most importantly the way that their customers enjoy their clothes.