Jet Presents, a Moment For Moms #JetGetsMoms

Posted: April 24, 2017

Jet has a delightful surprise for Moms with their new-look baby campaign - and it's not at all what you'd expect.

Jet is an affordable fashion brand that understands that being a Mom is the toughest job in the world. When the time came to promote Jet’s new range of baby clothing, we wanted to show Moms that we get them, by having a little fun and treating them to a campaign that gives them a little ‘me time’ moment to enjoy. This unique approach takes a tongue-and- cheek, humorous look at what it means to be a Mom.

“Our brand ethos at Jet is to understand our customer's needs, so the idea behind this baby campaign was to show that we get how hard Motherhood is. We not only want to provide Moms with quality products at great prices but also give them a moment of entertainment and support too,” says Jerry Anthonyrajah, Marketing & Strategy Executive at Edcon.

We created a campaign that allows Moms to indulge in a rare moment off while showing them the great quality, fashionable product Jet has for their little one this winter. The television commercial was realised by award-winning director Marc Sidelsky from Bouffant, with a cute, yet challenging cast of eight little superstar babies and one very good looking Mr Fezile Mhkize to work with.

Fezile, the main man in the campaign, considers himself part of the crew, and shared his experience of the shoot, “It’s been absolutely awesome. Everybody on set is amazing – it’s just been a really good vibe. [The babies] are absolute pros, and I’m loving every second.”

The #JetGetsMoms campaign puts a fresh spin on how clothing retailers market their baby ranges and was devised with the main objective of giving Moms a shopping experience that they can really, really enjoy.

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