iWYZE Takes Control When You Can't

Posted: December 5, 2016

Having appointed Joe Public United as their communications partner earlier this year, insurance client Old Mutual iWYZE has launched their newest campaign titled iWYZE Takes Control When You Can't.

The campaign kicked off with the first of two 30" television commercials to be aired in the coming months. iWYZE wanted to increase top-of-mind awareness in the market, in a way that is relatable to their clients.

You usually need insurance when things go wrong, and the truth of the matter is when things take an unexpected turn, we often turn into a completely different version of our usual selves. A little household mishap can turn a mom into a headless chicken and a bumper bash can turn the coolest guy into a fire-breathing dragon. This insight was key to the conceptualisation of the campaign.

"Unpacking these consumer insights are critical to developing something that is relatable for the audience and that speaks a human truth. We can all lose ourselves in a panic and a stressful situation," says Laurent Marty, Chief Strategic Officer of Joe Public United.

"The strength of the executions lies in the use of humour, allowing people to laugh at themselves and connect with the archetype that we tend to become in a panicked state," added Creative Director, Roanna Williams.

Joe Public United teamed up with director Peter Pohorsky from Plank, who added his renowned level of storytelling, humour and attention to detail. Pete enjoyed the challenge of combining the unreal with a real world. The team from Sinister was tasked with the animation of the three commercials, turning the characters seamlessly into their panic archetypes.

The campaign is supported by various online executions and social media, where a bigger range of panicked personas are showcased. Throughout the campaign the audience is assured that whether you turn into a dragon, a headless chicken or become a deer stuck in the headlights when you panic, iWYZE takes control when you can't.

Watch the TVC: