H Is For Horror

Posted: June 13, 2017

How do we get people to rethink the risk of unsafe sex? We put on a different kind of horror show.

We live in a world where sexual promiscuity is more prevalent than ever. Since the dawn of the internet and more recently social hook-up apps, casual sex has become less taboo and more of the norm.

The question becomes, when did unsafe sex stop being so scary?

The truth is, it hasn’t. And so, we set out to put the scary back into unsafe sex, and remind our audience of the horrors associated with it. To achieve this, we decided to target men, and the one thing they love the most. Their penises. Because we all know that as a guy, you want your penis to be renowned for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

So, we developed a series of posters that put the horror back into unprotected sex. We took the metaphors men often use to describe their penis’ prowess and flipped them on their head, shocking our audience and reminding them of some of the real risks associated with not wearing a condom. To bring the idea to life, our look and feel took inspiration from old-school horror, monster and slasher film posters. The use of posters as a medium also allowed us to engage with our audience in spaces that were not only relevant, but also often lead to casual sexual encounters.

By reminding our audience of just how horrific the risk of unsafe sex is, we could put our client’s brand front of mind, so that when it was time to get it on, our audience was reminded to put one on, because no glove means no love.