Chicken Licken® to infinity and beyond

Posted: March 9, 2017

Over the past two decades, two brands in the Quick Service Restaurant sector have stood out head and shoulders above the rest in terms of their high calibre creative advertising.

South African ekasi brand, Chicken Licken, is of course, one of the two. Famous for Hotwings®, SoulFire®, Fly-Thrus (drive-throughs that are fast populating the upper end of the South African market), and equally for their standout television commercials, Chicken Licken delivers on all levels.

The brand has been on fire for years. From the fabulous Dr Phunk of the late 90s to their Grand Prix winning Rock My Soul® commercial in 2016, Chicken Licken has maintained an incredibly high creative standard year on year.

Its addictive value offering and uber-cool advertising positioning is the product of an entrepreneurial businessman. A man, who quote unquote insists, “We do what we do best, and we allow our agency to do what they do best.” It’s a statement built on trust, trust upon which great communication has been served.

Chicken Licken is a brand that any great South African agency would give their right arm to partner with, so when they awarded their integrated account to Joe Public United in July 2016 the agency knew it was entering a new chapter in their creative journey. Says Pepe Marais, Chief Creative Officer of the group, “We have admired the work of Chicken Licken for many, many years. It is the one brand in South Africa that consistently delivers the most standout commercials in our market. In our new client’s own words: ‘Why would I spend a small fortune on media and not fill it with outstanding work?’ It is a sentiment we passionately share, and has infused a renewed hunger for great work throughout our agency. We treat the high level of trust our client has placed in our creative abilities with an equally high level of responsibility – striving to always deliver our very best.”

For their debut commercial, Joe Public decided to take Chicken Licken to a new frontier altogether – space.

The commercial tells the story of South African Afronaut, Rodwell Tshabalala, who is tasked with a mission into space to resupply the Vaya One Space Station. Beautifully produced and directed to the finest detail by Pete Pohorsky from Plank Productions and creatively guided by the agency’s ECD Adam Weber and CD Roanna Williams, the commercial delivers quirky performances with a classic twist in the tale that sets the platform for a follow-up digital experience ready to launch in February, 2017.

Of course, Joe Public’s new commercial aims to not only let Hotwings fly out of every franchisee’s door, but also give South Africans a taste of the true potential our country has to offer.

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