Chicken Licken - Afronaut #ConnectJoePublic

Posted: July 3, 2017

Chicken Licken wanted us to reignite the craving people have for their insatiable Hotwings® through an epic digital campaign… & we delivered something out of this world.

Compiled by Dylan T. McLean


As Chicken Licken’s most craved meal, we needed to reaffirm Hotwings place on the hotlist of things to eat. To raise awareness & to drive engagement, we served up an integrated campaign heavily spiced with social media & web content for extra engagement. In the process we got our fan’s tongues wagging & hands dirty.


Chicken Licken Hotwings are known to have an irresistible effect on people — people will do anything to satisfy “The Craving”… even sabotage a top secret mission to space.


Our fans were invited to follow the newly developed African Space Aeronautics Programme (ASAP), on their epic journey to deliver a precious cargo of Hotwings to the Afronaut Space Station. Along the way the irresistible Hotwings went missing & we engaged our audience to follow the story to help us discover who ate them.


The story began with a TVC that set the stage for the delivery of Hotwings to the Afronaut Space Station. Along the way the Hotwings went missing & we asked the question “Who got the craving?”.

Driving our viewers to the microsite, our users were able to walk through every facet of the TVC — following each individual character’s story — to solve the mystery of who stole the Hotwings.

Social content further drove interest & hinted to the mystery, including a series of humorous interrogation videos with each suspect.

It might have been easier to find out who didn’t stay the Hotwings. Even you, as a user, became a prime suspect in the case when we opened your case file populated with information from your Facebook profile. As it turns out, ‘Everybody Has The Craving’ & our users were able to share their criminal record to Facebook. Creative elements include…

  • TVC driving to a Microsite • Outdoor advertising, again driving to the microsite
  • Online Media including Facebook Advertising & Google Display Network
  • Microsite engagement featuring interactive video journeys
  • Interrogation videos were used as socially seeded content, easter eggs on the site as well as awareness media
  • Social content on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube


The campaign launched on the 1st of February 2017 & has reached over 3 million users via content on Facebook & Twitter alone.

Facebook engagement is 4 times higher than the organic average at 17%.

Total Facebook Engagement sits at 199 735.

Total Twitter Engagement is 699.

1 238 048 Total views online

30 125 Visits to the website with an average time of 01:59 spent on each engagement & 130 357 page views.

There have been 772 477 views of the TVC on YouTube.

There was also a 22.1% increase in sales of Hotwings!


Although the saga is not over for some, engagement on the website as well as on social media has been out of this world, exceeding all previous benchmarks for the brand. Our community finds the ‘Tshabalala’ character very amusing & he has become a cult like icon on our social media platforms. More importantly, people have come to realise that the craving can hit anyone at any time — even they themselves are not safe.