A Toast To More Growth Partnerships With SAB

Posted: April 25, 2017

No one can lift a glass and say “cheers” without having experienced some of the country’s most loved brands produced by South African Breweries (SAB).

Picking up projects for South Africa’s largest alcohol-beverage company since 2015, Joe Public United has worked on some well recognised projects including 18+ Be The Mentor, Carling Blue Label and Liberado, touching on both the corporate and retail offerings within the alcohol-beverage giant’s stable. The brand communications agency is delighted to announce its most recent wins of Castle Milk Stout, Redd’s and Brutal Fruit within the first quarter of 2017.

“SAB and Joe Public United continue to build on the equity of the existing partnership every day. To herald more brands within the SAB stable is an exciting opportunity for us to deliver on our growth purpose through great creativity. As we continue our partnership with SAB we are looking forward to growing with them,” says Gareth Leck, Group CEO.

Joe Public United currently services SAB in an integrated capacity across the following disciplines: traditional advertising (Joe Public), digital (Connect Joe Public), brand design (Shift Joe Public) and below-the-line (Ignite Joe Public), both in South Africa and broader African regions such as Botswana, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Notable African projects include the strategic brand redesign of local Tanzanian beer Kilimanjaro and as well as experiential components for popular Botswanan beer St Louis and Golden Pilsner in Zimbabwe.

“We’ve always wanted to offer our customers more. From innovative brands to new positioning’s. Working with Joe Public United has brought an exciting new perspective to our business and we look forward to the creative output for some of our more recent projects,” says Andrea Quaye, Vice President Marketing, AB InBev.