A Campaign To See Nedbank Differently Gets Plaudits

Posted: November 17, 2017

The Nedbank Money™ app TV advert, which went live to the public on 5 November, has already picked up accolades globally and locally for its unique and innovative approach in telling authentic South African stories.

The #ilive4 campaign, which showcases Nedbank’s new retail banking app, Nedbank Money™, was rated as one of the top two international communication campaigns of the week by global advertising agency directory Adforum, based in France, a day after being flighted. It also received the prestigious Orchid mention from The Citizen editor Brendan Seery in South Africa this week.

In a very competitive environment, the new campaign gives Nedbank an edge, positioning the bank as a more vibrant, digicentric financial services company. ‘The Nedbank Money™ app TV commercial is an extension of Nedbank’s new brand positioning “see money differently” and demonstrates how money well-managed can make a real difference in people’s lives,’ says Vanessa Singh, Executive Head of Marketing for Nedbank Retail and Business Banking.

The ad invites viewers into a world of six characters with separate and uniquely South African stories, and demonstrates how the new Nedbank Money™ app becomes a natural and seamless part of their lives. The creative is based on six powerful themes – love, movement, freedom, empowerment, growth and tomorrow. ‘It’s a truly powerful, authentic and lively way of telling the stories of South Africans, irrespective of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation or disability, highlighting that people can manage their money better so that they can achieve their goals,’ says Singh.

The new Nedbank Money™ app enables clients to manage their money like never before, allowing them to bank quickly, safely and easily – anytime, anywhere. Some of the cool features of the app are increasing or decreasing ATM limits and sending money to friends and family on your phone contacts list.

‘To help clients manage their finances more effectively the Nedbank Money™ app boasts a high level of innovation, ease of use and security,’ reiterates Singh. To showcase the rich functionality of the app Nedbank deliberately chose to infuse an emotional layer in the ad to show that people do not live for money, but rather that they can achieve great things with the right tools to manage their money better.

The intention of the Nedbank Money™ app #ilive4 TV campaign is to celebrate South African diversity and the richness of its people, and to show Nedbank as an accessible, appealing and inclusive bank. Singh explains: ‘The commercial embraces people that are youthful, real, edgy, colourful and from all walks of life – from the children that are our future to senior citizens, transgendered people and people born with albinism. It’s based on a human truth – that people don’t live for money but it certainly gets them what they live for.’

The TV commercial was conceptualised by communications agency Joe Public’s young creative duo – copywriter Buyani Duma and art director Tshepo Mogorosi, who were inspired by their own real-life experiences to bring this rich concept to life.

In the ad the thread that links all six stories together is the piano man. The music that inspires him to create becomes the soundtrack – not only of the commercial but also to the lives of the people depicted. As he writes and imagines his music, the audience notices how he scribbles down the words ‘love’, ‘movement’ and ‘freedom’, which run parallel with some of the overarching creative themes.

The theme ‘love’ is depicted by the young couple and their cultural connection to sneakers. ‘Empowerment’ resonates with the T-shirt factory scene, where a voice is given to the marginalised – the person with albinism, the transgendered person and the plus-sized woman. The ‘growth’ scene depicts a tattoo artist and pays homage to an art form that is often overlooked and is beautifully captured with a visual of a tree tattoo growing before our eyes. The idea of ‘tomorrow’ comes alive with the pregnant hotel manager who is planning her life with her future child. ‘Movement’ is inspired by AfrikaBurn and how people celebrate life, while finally ‘freedom’ is represented by the former ballet dancer who has found a new passion in designing prosthetic legs and making a difference in other people’s lives.

‘These themes are just some of the things that people live for and capture the richness of our cultural diversity, something that should be celebrated’, says Singh.

The music combines both a classic and modern feel to create a gritty and raw score. Both the music and the poetic voiceover create a disruptive tone, building to a crescendo and providing a dramatic element to the ad. In terms of visuals, the ad is set in the vibrant Johannesburg city centre, featuring creative and edgy hotspots, with the city’s rich textures, colours and people forming the backdrop to make it truly memorable.

Captivating the audience in a totally unexpected way for Nedbank and banking in general, the ad brings to life an insight that is relevant and relatable, further entrenching that Nedbank is a bank for all.

‘We have embarked on an exciting journey with Nedbank as we unpack the greater meaning of ‘see money differently’ to consumers. The new campaign paints Nedbank in a far more youthful light, which may just be the edge we need in a very competitive market,’ says Xolisa Dyeshana, Chief Creative Officer at Joe Public United.